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Publication Charge

For Author Publication Charge

The Korean J Vet Res will charge the publication cost to manuscript submitted from June 01, 2012.
The publication fee is US$ 300 up to 3 pages, and US$ 50 per additional page. For color printings, US$ 100 per color page is charged to authors. A US$ 15 per page (Times New Romans, 12 point, 24 lines) is charged to the author as English editing fee.


The Korean J Vet Res will charge the reprint cost to the author who order reprint copies. Corresponding author will receive Reprint Order Form and a price list with page proofs. Reprint requests should be sent to the publisher with the corrected proofs. Reprints are normally shipped 4 weeks after publication of the Korean J Vet Res.

Contact the publishing company, Hanrinwon, F14, Nexus tower, 20, Toegye-ro 51-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul 04559, Korea (Tel: +82-2-2273-4201, Fax: +82-2-2273-4240, E-mail:, with any questions.