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Original Article
Prevalence of bovine viral diarrhea virus from Korean native cattle farms in Jeju
Seong-Cheol Cho, Hyoung-Seok Yang, Changnam Park, Si-Taek Kim, Eun-Ju Ko, Won-Geun Son
Korean J Vet Res. 2023;63(2):e12.   Published online June 30, 2023
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Short Communication
Tracing surrogate bacteria inoculated on hide through the beef slaughtering process
Seongjoon Kim, Sukwon Kim, Sung Kwan Kim, Kwanghoon Choi, Jinman Kim, Nonghoon Choe
Korean J Vet Res. 2022;62(1):e5.   Published online March 24, 2022
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Original Article
Electrolyte and acid-base imbalance in native calves with enteropathogenic diarrhea
Seongwoo Kang, Jinho Park, Kyoung-Seong Choi et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2020;60(3):133-137.   Published online September 2, 2020
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Case report
Pulmonary adenocarcinoma in a slaughtered female Hanwoo
Hyoung-Seok Yang, Jae-Hoon Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2019;59(1):51-54.   Published online May 31, 2019
Sudden death caused by trichlorfon poisoning in Korean native cattle
Ji-Hyeon Kim, Kyunghyun Lee, Ji-Youl Jung et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2018;58(3):167-170.   Published online October 11, 2018
Brief Communication
Seroprevalence of Coxiella burnetii infection in cattle on Ulleung Island, Korea
Min-Goo Seo, In-Ohk Ouh, Young-Hoan Kim, Joong-Kew Kim, Oh-Deog Kwon, Dongmi Kwak
Korean J Vet Res. 2018;58(3):147-151.   Published online October 11, 2018
Original Article
Development of inactivated Akabane and bovine ephemeral fever vaccine for cattle
Dong-Kun Yang, Ha-Hyun Kim, Hyun-Ye Jo, Sung-Suk Choi, In-Soo Cho
Korean J Vet Res. 2015;55(4):227-232.   Published online December 31, 2015
Korean native calf mortality: the causes of calf death in a large breeding farm over a 10-year period
Ui-Hyung Kim, Young-Hun Jung, Changyong Choe et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2015;55(2):75-80.   Published online June 24, 2015
Brief Communication
Genetic analysis of env and gag gene fragments of bovine leukemia virus identified in cattle from Korea
Yeon-Hee Kim, Eun-Yong Lee, Jae-Ku Oem et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2015;55(1):53-56.   Published online March 24, 2015
Case report
Epitheliogenesis imperfecta in a bovine fetus of Korean native cattle
Moon-Young Rhyoo, Ji-Youl Jung, Ji-Woong Her et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2014;54(4):253-256.   Published online December 22, 2014
Original Article
Seroprevalence of Q-fever in Korean native cattle
Ji-Yeon Kim, So-Ra Sung, Ji-In Pyun et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2014;54(3):147-150.   Published online September 24, 2014
Case report
Devastating endosulfan poisoning in Korean native cattle
Bo-Ram Lee, Hyun-Kyoung Lee, Kyung-Hyun Lee et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2013;53(4):269-271.   Published online December 24, 2013
Original Article
The polymorphism of Theileria buffeli major surface protein associate with their clinical signs in holstein in Korea
Do-Hyeon Yu, Ying-Hua Li, Joon-Seok Chae, Jin-Ho Park
Korean J Vet Res. 2011;51(2):107-115.   Published online June 1, 2011
A survey of traumatic reticular diseases in Korea and the effects on beef quality grade
Hyeon-Seop Byeon, Se-Geun Park, Sang-Myung Lee, Hak-Ku Quak, Ki-Mun Kwon, Byeong-Woo Ahn
Korean J Vet Res. 2011;51(2):93-99.   Published online June 1, 2011
Brief Communication
Latex agglutination test based prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in native Korean cattle
Eun-Sik Song, Sang-Il Jung, Bae-Keun Park, Myung-Jo You, Duck-Hwan Kim, Kun-Ho Song
Korean J Vet Res. 2011;51(1):59-61.   Published online March 1, 2011

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