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Volume 38(1); 1998
Immunohistochemical studies in the intestine of the duck, Anas platyrhynchos platyrhyncos Linne, with ages
Jae-hyun Lee, Sae-kwang Ku, Hyeung-sik Lee
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):1-8.
Expression of protein kinase C in the testes of horse
Jae-kwang Jin, Tae-kyun Shin
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):9-15.
Comparative liver drug metabolizing enzymes activities between Korean native cattle and swine
Gwan-bok Lee, Hyo-in Yun, Seung-chun Park et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):17-28.
Effects of phenylephrine-induced PKC activation on Mg2+ release in guinea pig heart and isolated ventricular myocytes
Sung-eun Chang, Hyung-sub Kang, Jin-sang Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):29-42.
Pharmacokinetics and tissue levels of a sustained-release recombinant porcine somatotropin in pigs
Seong-kyu Han, Sang-kyoon Park, Byoung-sun Chang, Seog-kwon Shim, Pan-dong Ryu
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):43-52.
Sero-epidemiology and genetic characterization of swine influenza virus
Young-soo Lyoo, Lomi Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):53-63.
Serologic and electropherotypic characterization of the bovine rotaviruses isolated in Korea
Chung-won Chung, Chung-ho Chang, Shien-young Kang, Bong-kyun Park, Jae-chin Cho, Soo-hwan An
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):65-70.
A study on efficacy of chitosan on bovine mastitis
Jin-san Moon, Yi-seok Joo, Bok-gyeong Ku et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):71-76.
RT-PCR and nested PCR amplification of the PRRSV genes from boar semen for the rapid and sensitive differential diagnosis
Young S. Lyoo, Choi-kyu Park, Chang-hee Lee
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):77-83.
RT-PCR for detection of group A, B and C porcine rotaviruses
Choi-kyu Park, Young-soo Lyoo, Prem S. Paul
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):85-89.
Immunogenetic characterization of Korean native chickens by monoclonal anibodies to chicken leukocyte differentiation antigens
Yong-ho Park, Jae-yong Hahn, Bong-kuk Oh et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):91-99.
Differential diagnosis among Marek's disease, reticuloendotheliosis and avian leukosis by polymeras chain reaction
Hwan-woo Seong, Sun-jung Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):101-106.
In vitro cultivation for development of Ascaris suum from the decoated and embryonated eggs(second-stage larva)
Cha-ho Jee, Seung-jun Park
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):107-117.
Pathological studies on the hepatic fibrosis induced by Capillaria hepatica
Eun-kyung Shin, Jeong-hee Han
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):119-128.
The effect of anticoccidial drugs for coccidial vaccines
Hee-jeong Youn, Jae-wuk Noh
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):129-132.
Effect of the anti-parasitic activity treated with conventional medicine-acupuncture
Hee-Jeong Youn, Jae-wuk Noh, Hwa-gyun Oh, Ki-ok Hong, Joo-myoung Lee, Young-min Yoon
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):133-137.
In vitro isolation of a bovine Neospora in Korea
Jae-hoon Kim, Hyun-joo Sohn, Eui-kyung Hwang et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):139-145.
Identification and prevalence of trematode(Gen Azygia) and nematode(Gen Pingus) in Ophicephalus argus
Moo-hong Moon, Eun-woo Lee
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):147-159.
Studies on the viability and infectivity of Fasciola hepatica metacercariae
Ji-ho Kim, Jong-taek Kim, Shin-hyeong Cho, Chung-gil Lee
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):161-166.
An epidemiological survey on seroprevalence of vector-mediated virus infection in cattle bred in a Japanese remote island, Okinawa
Takeo Sakai, Masaaki Hamakawa, Sakae Abe et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):167-172.
Development of a multiplex-PCR for the rapid detection of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from raw beef
Suk-chan Jung, Byeong-yeal Jung, Jang-won Yoon, Yun-sang Cho, Jong-yeom Kim, Yong-ho Park
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):173-181.
The effects of electroacupuncture on stomach and cecum motility in horses
Byung-sun Kim, Hee-in Choi
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):183-199.
Farm evaluation program on swine health management to control piglets' diarrhea
Jong-myung Park, Eui-kyung Hwang, In-cheon Kim, Jae-chin Rhee, Hyun-kyu Chung, Ku-hwan Kang
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):201-208.
Conjunctival fungal flora of the clinically normal pony eye : Including Nocardia and Streptomyces species
Kang-moon Seo, P.G.C. Bedford
Korean J Vet Res. 1998;38(1):217-225.

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