Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 1993;33(2):199-209.
Effects of α1-adrenoceptor stimulation on ventricular electrophysiological properties of guinea pigs
Jin-sang Kim
College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National University
기니픽 심근의 전기생리학적 특성에 미치는 α1-Adrenoceptor 자극효과
전북대학교 수의과대학
The effects of ${alpha}_1$-adrenergic stimulation on membrane potential, intracellular sodium activity $(a_N{^i{_a}})$, and contractility were investigated in the isolated papillary muscle of euthyroid, hyperthyroid, and hypothyroid guinea pigs. Cardiac alterations in the thyroid state have been shown to induce marked changes in action potential characteristics, the most pronounced shortening of action potential duration by hyperthyroidism and an increase in duration by hypothyroidism. $10^{-5}M$ Phenylephrine produced a decrease in $(a_N{^i{_a}})$ in euthyroid and hypothyroid preparations, but an increase in $(a_N{^i{_a}})$ in hyperthyroid ones. The major findings were that phenylephrine produced a stronger positive inotropic effect(PIE) without initial negative inotropic effect(NIE) in hyperthyroid preparations, while phenylephrine produced markedly NIE in hypothyroid ones. The alterations in membrane potential, $(a_N{^i{_a}})$, and contractility were abolished by $3{ imes}10^{-5}M$ prazosin in hypothyroidism. In hypothyroid ventricular muscle, the decrease in $(a_N{^i{_a}})$ caused by phenylephrine were not abolished or reduced by $10^{-5}M$ strophanthidin, $10^{-5}M$ TTX, $3{ imes}10^{-4}M$ lidocaine, or $100^{-5}M$ verapamil. These results indicate that the ${alpha}_1$-adrenoceptor-mediated decrease in $(a_N{^i{_a}})$ is not associated with a stimulation of the $Na^+$-$K^+$ pump, inhibition of the $Na^+$ or $Ca^+$ channel in hypothyroid ventricular muscle. $10^{-5}M$ Phenylephrine decreased $(a_N{^i{_a}})$ but increased $(a_N{^i{_a}})$ in the presence of a PKC activator phorbol dibutyrate$(PDB_u)$. In conclusion, it is suggested that the following sequence of events in response to phenyleplhane occur in guinea pig ventricular muscle. First, changes in thyroid state may contribute to the ventacular electrophysiological propeties or ion transport system. Second, the adrenoceptor-mediated initial transient NIE may be associated with the decrease in $(a_N{^i{_a}})$ by PKC activation.
Key Words: ${alpha}_1$-adrenoceptor, membrane potential, intracellular sodium activity, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid

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