Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 1993;33(2):337-343.
Semen treatment to enhance the use of hamster test in the dog
Yong-jun Kim, Hae-iee Lee
College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National Universtiy
개에서 Hamster test의 이용을 높이기 위한 정액처리조건
김용준, 이해이
전북대학교 수의과대학
To determine the test conditions to enhance the use of hamster test in dogs, semen were collected from four dogs which had been proven to be fertile in the past and then preserved in BWW (Biggers, Whitten, Whittingham) medium for about 20 hours. The semen were given each different treatment according to the experimental design and coincubated with zona-free hamster ova for 5 hours. The ova were stained by lacmoid and examined under phase contrast microscope to investigate the rates of ova bound with sperm(sperm binding) and ova penetrated by sperm (penetration), and also numbers of both bound and penetrated sperm per ovum. In comparison of different concentrations of canine sperm, the rate of sperm binding was higher in $1.5{ imes}10^8$, $1{ imes}10^8$, and $5{ imes}10^7$ sperm concentrations than $5{ imes}10^5$ concentration(p<0.01), and also than $5{ imes}10^6$ concentration(p<0.05), respectively. The number of bound sperm per ovum was considerably higher in $1.5{ imes}10^8$ sperm concentration than $5{ imes}10^7$, $1.5{ imes}10^6$, and $5{ imes}10^5$ concentrations(p<0.01). The rate of penetration was considerably higher in $1.5{ imes}10^8$ and $1{ imes}10^8$ sperm concentrations than $5{ imes}10^5$ concentration,(p<0.01), and also the higher result of penetration was shown in $5{ imes}10^7$ than $5{ imes}10^5$ (p<0.05). The number of penetrated sperm per ovum was considerably higher in $1.5{ imes}10^8$ sperm concentrations than $5{ imes}10^5$(p<0.01), and also the higher number was shown in $1{ imes}10^8$ than $5{ imes}10^5$ (p<0.05). In comparison of the different preincubation period of canine spermatozoa, no difference was obtained in the results of hamster test among the preincubation periods of 4 hours, 18~24 hours and 48 hours. The canine spermatozoa in BWW medium with $Ca^{2+}$(1.3mM) and without FCS(fetal calf serum), with both $Ca^{2+}$(1.3mM) and FCS, with $Ca^{2+}$(2.6mM) and without FCS, and with both $Ca^{2+}$(2.6mM) and FCS showed no difference in the results of hamster test.These results indicated that the appropriate concentration of sperm should be given in hamster test for dog sperm.

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