Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 1996;36(4):991-995.
Comparative evaluation of renal size on radiography and ultrasonography in rabbits
Min-cheol Choi, Xi-jun Yin, Hyo-jong Lee, Tae-young Kang
College of Veterinary Medicine & Institute of Animal Medicine, Gyeongsang National University
토끼의 방사선 촬영상과 초음파 촬영상에 나타난 신장 크기의 비교평가
최민철, 윤희준, 이효종, 강태영
경상대학교 수의과대학, 동물의학연구소
Renal size(length, width and height) of rabbits was measured by radiographs and nephrosonograms and compared with actual size. After measuring on the radiographs and nephrograms, both kidneys were removed from the body and actual size was also measured. On radiographs, right kidney was observed at the T13-L2 vertebrae and left kidney was at L2-L4 vertebrae. On nephrosonograms, the renal cortex was visible as small, homogenous echoes that were hypoechoic relative to the surrounding tissues, whereas the renal medulla was anechoic to slightly hypoechoic. The actual length, width and height of the left kidney were $35.84{pm}3.12(mean{pm}SD)$, $23.52{pm}3.21$, $15.11{pm}2.58cm$, respectively, whereas those of the right kidney were $36.02{pm}3.42$, $23.69{pm}3.50$ and $14.13{pm}3.55cm$, respectively. On radiographs, the length and width of both kidneys were a little magnified(102-104%) when compared to actual size. On nephrosonograms, the length, width and height of bothkidneys were lessened(70-96 %) when compared to actual size. The length and width of kidney were 1.85 and 1.25 times the length of the second lumbar vertebrae on the ventrodorsal view. In correlation and correlation coefficient of body weight with the renal size, the body weight and renal size were significantly correlated with each other other(p<0.01) and the correlation coefficents of body weight with left, right and both Kindneys were 0.748, 0.794 and 0.859, respectively.
Key Words: rabbit, renal measurement, radiographs, nephrosonograms

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