Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 1997;37(3):647-659.
Effects of established cell lines on bovine embryo development during in vitro culture
Suk-chun Joo1, Byeong-chun Lee1, Won-yu Lee1, Yun-seok Choi2, Woo-suk Hwang1
1College of Veterinary Medicine Seoul National University
2National Livestock Cooperatives Federation Dairy Cattle Improvement Center
계대세포를 이용한 소 수정란의 체외배양 체계에 관한 연구
주석천1, 이병천1, 이원유1, 최윤석2, 황우석1
1서울대학교 수의과대학
2축협중앙회 유우개량사업소
To overcome the difficulties of collecting and culture of primary cell from genital tract on embryonic development, the present study was carried out to investigate the critical effect of cell lines, such as BRL and Vero cell and its conditioned medium on the development of early Korean native cattle embryos in vitro. Oocytes collected from slaughterhouse ovaries were matured in TCM199 containing FSH, estradiol-$17{eta}$ and FBS with granulosa cell monolayer for 24 hours and then fertilized in vitro using frozen-thawed, heparin-treated spermatozoa in TALP for 30 hours. And then early embryos (1-2cell) were cultured in TCM199 containing 10% FBS with BOEC, Granulosa, BRL, Vera cell monolayers and conditioned medium for 2~3 days. Development to morulae and blastocysts were recorded, also examined the number of blastomeres presented a valuable parameter for the evaluation of embryonic development. The early cleavage rates of in vitro fertilized embryos co-cultured, there was no differences between primary cell and cell lines(p<0.05). The rate of development to the later stage, coculture of BRL cell was significantly higher than that of the primary cell(p<0.05). The rates of development to morula and blastocyst were significantly higher in vero cell than BRL, Granulosa, Oviduct epithelial cell conditioned medium. In the result of effect of serum on development of early bovine embryos, the use of media containing serum were significantly higher than the use of not containing one on development of early and later stage of embryos. The result of number of blastomeres in blastocysts, there is no differences between primary cell and cell lines. The blastocysts from coculture were higher than from conditioned medium in blastomere cells. In summary, these experments have proved that the culture system in TCM199 with BRL, Vero cell monolayers is effective on in vitro development of early bovine embryos, In addition, it is effective to development of bovine embryos that containing serum in conditioned medium, or in co-culture rather than in conditioned medium alone. The use of cell lines opponent to primary cells is effective in bovine embryo culture.
Key Words: BRL cell, vero cell, conditioned medium, Korea native cattle, embryo

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