Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 1998;38(1):17-28.
Comparative liver drug metabolizing enzymes activities between Korean native cattle and swine
Gwan-bok Lee1, Hyo-in Yun1, Seung-chun Park2, Min-kyu Kim1, Rae-kyung Lee1, Joon-hyung Cho3, Dong-woo Lee4
1College of Veterinary Medicine, Chungnam National University
2Research Lab, Dae Sung Microbiologicals, Co., Ltd.
3National Veterinary Research Institute
4Korea Research Institute of Ginseng & Tobacoo
한우와 돼지에서 간의 약물 대사효소의 활성 비교
이관복1, 윤효인1, 박승춘2, 김민규1, 이내경1, 조준형3, 이동우4
1충남대학교 수의과대학 약리독성학교실
Drug-metabolizing activities of Korean native cattle and swine were investigated from viewpoints of the cytochrome P-450's level, their dependent mixed function oxidase activities, the reactive oxygen species formation and cytosolic enzyme acitivities from each liver homogenates. Level of cytochrome P-450 in the liver microsome of Korean native cattle was $0.28{pm}0.05nmole/mg$ and that in pigs $0.35{pm}0.03nmole/mg$. Level of cytochrome $b_5$ of Korean native cattle was $0.24{pm}0.06nmole/mg$, and that of pigs $0.2{pm}0.05nmole/mg$, showing no difference between two species. NADPH P-450 reductase were higher in Korean native cattle ($58.3{pm}5.3nmole/mg/min$) than in pigs ($29.9{pm}3.8nmole/mg/min$)(p<0.01). The activities of cytochrome P-450 dependent monooxygenases such as ethoxyresorufin O-deethylase (cattle, $96.5{pm}12.5nmole/mg/min$ ; pigs, $13.6{pm}2.1nmole/mg/min$), N-benzphetamine N-demethylase (cattle, $5.23{pm}0.82nmole/mg/min$ ; pigs, $0.76{pm}0.3nmole/mg/min$) and aniline hydroxylase (cattle, $0.95{pm}0.1nmole/mg/min$ ; pigs, $0.33{pm}0.08nmole/mg/min$) were much higher in Korean native cattle than in swine(p<0.01). However, the activity of testosterone $7{alpha}$-hydroxylase was higher in swine ($90.4{pm}1.2nmole/mg/min$) than cattle (cattle, $32.8{pm}1.2nmole/mg/min$). Interestingly, testosterone $16{alpha}$-hydroxylase, a marker enzyme for P-450 IIA was not detected in both animal species. These results suggest that Korean native cattle and pigs have high contents of P-450 IA1 and P-450 IIIA. Total sulfhydryl compound (cattle, $10.3{pm}1.1nmole/mg$ ; Pigs, $14.5{pm}1.8nmole/mg$) and glutathione related enzymes except glutathione reductase (cattle, $38.1{pm}7.9nmole/mg/min$; swine, $22{pm}3.6nmole/mg/min$) showed higher levels in swine than in Korean native cattle. Superoxide dismutase (cattle, $7.64{pm}0.84nmole/mg/min$ ; pigs, $4.47{pm}0.94nmole/mg/min$) and catalase (cattle, $30.4{pm}3.7nmole/mg/min$ ; pigs, $17.2{pm}1.8nmole/mg/min$) were remarkably higher in Korean native cattle than in swine (p<0.05).
Key Words: Korean native cattle, pig, cytochrome P-450, superoxide, catalase

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