Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 1999;39(1):1-11.
Postnatal development of Harderian gland in Mongolian gerbil
Seung-hyun Oh1, Ji-young Park1, Yeo-sung Yoon2, Dae-joong Kim3, Sang-yoon Nam4, Joon-sup Lee2, Je-kyung Seong1
1Department of Laboratory Animal Medicine, Medical Research Center, College of Medicine, Yonsei University
2Department of Veterinary Histology and Embryology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Seoul National University
3Toxicological Research Institute, KFDA
4Department of Veterinary Anatomy, Tokyo University
몽고리안 저빌의 Harderian gland의 출생후 형태학적 변화
오승현1, 박지영1, 윤여성2, 김대중3, 남상윤4, 이준섭2, 성제경1
1연세대학교 의과대학 실험동물부
2서울대학교 수의과대학 조직학교실
3식품의약품안전청, 독성연구소
4동경대학 농학부 수의해부학교실
This investigation was carried out to study morphological and chronological aspects of the development of the Harderian gland in the Mongolian gerbil(Meriones unguiculatus). Male and female Mongolian gerbils were sacrificed on days 1, 3, 5, 10, 30 and 60 after birth and their Harderian glands were processed for light microscopic observation. The results obtained were summarized as follows; 1. In 1-day-old Mongolian gerbil, Harderian gland was well distinguished from other tissue structures. It was composed of several immature tubules, and these tubules were separated each other by undifferentiated mesenchymal connective tissues. 2. In 3-day and 5-day-old Mongolian gerbils, the arrangement of tubules in the gland was more condensed than that of 1-day-old Mongolian gerbil. The excretory ducts started to appear in the connective tissues located between lobes. 3. In 10-day-old Mongolian gerbil, small lipid vacuoles began to be found in the cytoplasm of the secretory cells of the Harderian gland. There were some mucus-secreting cells within the epithelium of the excretory duct found in the interlobar connective tissues. 4. In 30-day-old Mongolian gerbil, there was markedly increased number of the tubules in the glands. The epithelial cells of the tubules were typically columnar in shape. Most of the columnar epithelial cells contained many small lipid vacuoles, although a few cells contained large lipid vacuoles. 5. In 60-day-old Mongolian gerbil, the Harderian gland exhibited the typical structural characteristics of the adult gland. The mature glandular structures were more distinct than those of 30-day-old animals.
Key Words: Harderian gland, Mongolian gerbil, postnatal development

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