Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 2000;40(2):267-274.
Regulation of circulating Mg2+ concentration in rats by ATP depletion
Shang-jin Kim, Sung-soo Baek, So-yeon Shim, Sung-suck Oh, Jin-shang Kim
College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonbuk National University
흰쥐에서 ATP 결핍에 의한 혈중 Mg2+ 농도조절
김상진, 백성수, 심소연, 오성숙, 김진상
전북대학교 수의과대학
Since intracellular free $Mg^{2+}$ ($[Mg^{2+}]_i$) appears to be tightly regulated following cellular energy depletion, we hypothesized that the increase in $[Mg^{2+}]_i$ would result in $Mg^{2+}$ extrusion into circulation. Extracellualr $Mg^{2+}$ contents ($[Mg^{2+}]_o$) were measured in rat erythrocytes, the perfused heart and liver, and plasma in the anesthetized rat. Animals were injected intraperitoneally with sodium nitrite ($NaNO_2$) and plasma $Mg^{2+}$ was measured after the injection and then 10 and 20 minutes later. An increase in circulating (plasma) $Mg^{2+}$ ($[Mg^{2+}]_c$) and methemoglobin was observed in animals injected with $NaNO_2$ (30 mg/Kg). The time course of the effects demonstrated that $[Mg^{2+}]_c$ and methemoglobin continued to increase 10 minutes after the $NaNO_2$ injection. Under these conditions, there was a sustained increase in $[Mg^{2+}]_c$, but not in methemoglobin, which was inhibited by pretreatment with potassium cyanide (KCN, 4 mg/Kg), indicating that an increase in $[Mg^{2+}]_c$ was accompanied by ATP depletion. Injection of rotenone (0.9 mg/Kg) or 2,4-dinitrophenol (15 mg/Kg) also induced an increase in $[Mg^{2+}]_c$. Reduced respiration rate from 100/min to 10/min during 30 minutes also caused a time-dependent rise in $[Mg^{2+}]_c$. These increase in $[Mg^{2+}]_c$ were inhibited by pretreatment with KCN. In addition, ATP depletion by $NaNO_2$ or KCN sustainedly increased the $[Mg^{2+}]_o$ in rat erythrocytes. $Mg^{2+}$ efflux was stimulated by KCN in the perfused heart and liver, but not by $NaNO_2$. These results suggest that the activation of $Mg^{2+}$ effluxes into the circulation is directly dependent on the ATP depletion-induced increase in $[Mg^{2+}]_i$ and heart, liver and erythrocytes have a major pool of $Mg^{2+}$ that can be mobilized upon cellular energy state.
Key Words: magnesium, ATP depletion, sodium nitrite, erythrocytes

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