Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 2005;45(4):593-599.
Pathological study on abdominal fat necrosis of adult cattle sampled from slaughterhouse in Korea
Jeong-chi Lee1, Jong-sam Kim2, Chung-gil Lee2, Snag-ki Kim2, Kyoung-oh Cho2, Mun-il Kang2, Cheol Jeong2, Sung-hee Park2, Guk-Hyun Suh3, Chai-yong Lee2
1Department of Veterinary Nurse and Pets Science, Seojeong College
2College of Veterinary Medicine, Chonnam National University
3National Livestock Research Institute, R.D.A.
국내 도축우의 복강에서 관찰된 지방괴사의 병리학적 연구
이정치1, 김종삼2, 이정길2, 김상기2, 조경오2, 강문일2, 정철2, 박성희2, 서국현3, 이채용2
1서정대학 애완동물과
2전남대학교 수의과대학
3농촌진흥청 축산연구소
An abattoir study on the abdominal fat necrosis in adult cattle was performed pathologically. Grossly, masses of fat necrosis were leekgreen in colour, lobulated on the cut surface, and saponificated in the texture. These necrotic adipose tissues infiltrated usually into neighboring parenchymal organs including intestines and pancreas, leading to fibrosis or atrophy of them. Histopathologically, necrotic fat cells contained acidophilic, opaque, amorphous substance or basophilic fibrillar or granular minerals in their cytoplasms. The lesions of fat necrosis were divided by fibroconnective tissue. With increase of the severity, necrotic fat cells fused each other and then formed fat cysts. In this severe lesion, necrotic fat cells were partialy or completely replaced by macrophages. Multinucleated giant cells were scattered in this lesion. Interestingly, small artery in the lesion of fat necrosis revealed severe thickening of internal elastic membrane. Severe fibrosis was observed in or between the outer longitudinal and inner circular muscular externas causing segregation, degeneration and necrosis of muscle fibers. The nerve cells of Auerbach's and Meissner's plexuses surrounded by fibrosis were degenerated or necrotic. In addition, necrotic fat cells infiltrated into the pancreas, resulting in pancreas atrophy. From these results, it is speculated that fat necrosis might compromise intestinal movement due to necrosis of muscular externa and ganglion cells of Auerbach's and Meissner's plexuses.
Key Words: cattle, compromise, fat necrosis, intestinal movement

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