Korean Journal of Veterinary Research 1968;8(2):110-116.
Effects of the Thyroid Function on the Adrenal Gland, Hypophysis and Gonads in the Guinea Pigs. 1 Effects of the Thyroid Function on the Adrenal Gland in the Guinea Pigs
Kang Wook Lee1, Kyu Sung Lee2, Young Chai Cheong2
1College of Agriculture, Seoul National University
2Agricultural college, Chungnam University
Guinea pig의 갑상선기능(甲狀腺機能)이 부신(副腎), 뇌하수체(腦下垂體) 및 생식선(生殖腺)에 미치는 영향(影響) I. Guinea pig의 갑상선(甲狀腺)이 부신(副腎)에 미치는 영향(影響)
이강욱1, 이규승2, 정영채2
1서울대학교 농과대학 수의학과
2충남대학교 농과대학
The mature guinea pigs were grouped as indicated in the table 1. Radio-active iodine(I-131)in dose of 4.5mci, was administered to the experimental groups. The animals were killed for examination in 1, 7, 14, 28, 42, and 55 days after the administration the radio-active iodine. The thyroid and adrenal glands were observed histologically. The results obtained were as follows; 1. One day after the administration, thyroid epithelial cells were abnormally enlarged. After seven days, specimens taken from the middle of the thyroid showed that the follicles and epithelial cells were changing to fibrous tissue, however, some follicles still remained in the verge of the thyroid. Follicles were not observed after fourteen days. After twenty-eight days, the follicles had all changed to fibrous tissue, and had lost their function. 2. The size of the zonas gromerulosa of adrenal cortex epually, in both male and female, showed slight fluctuation in size with no tendency to be changed. 3. Among the zones of the adrenal glands, zona fasciculata showed marked changes. Zona fasciculata was atrophied in Process of time. In females, it was atrophied significantly(P<0.05) after fourteen days, and highly significant (P<0.01) in twenty-eight and fifty-six days after the administration of radioactive iodine. In males, it also decreased significantly(P<0.05) in seventy-eight days and highly significant(P<0.01) in forty-two and fifty-six days after the administration. 4. The size of the Zona reticularis of adrenal cortex in the females increased significantly (P<0.05) in twenty-eight days after the administration. In males, it showed slight fluctuation until twenty-eight days, but it increased significantly(P<0.05) in forty-two and fifty-six days after the administration. 5. The size of the adrenal medulla increased significantly(P<0.05) in twenty-eight and forty-two days in females. It was increased significantly(P<0.05) in fourth-two days and high significantly(P<0.01) in fifty-six days after the administration.
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