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Evaluation of immunocontraceptive vaccine composed of gonadotropin-releasing hormone conjugated with granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor in male rats
Byung-Joo Park, Yong-Hyun Kim, Hee-Seop Ahn et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2017;57(3):155-158.   Published online November 27, 2017
Dietary zinc inhibits the formation of colonic preneoplastic lesion induced by azoxymethane and dextran sodium sulfate in mice
Hyunji Park, Dang Young Kim, Bong Su Kang et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2012;52(2):115-124.   Published online June 30, 2012
Changes of colonic endocrine cells in trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid (TNBS)-induced rat colitis
Young-Doo Back, Hyeung Sik Lee, In-Kwon Chung, Woo-Hyun Cheon, Sae Kwang Ku
Korean J Vet Res. 2011;51(2):83-91.   Published online June 1, 2011
Phytic acid does not affect the formation of colonic aberrant crypt foci in Fe-overloaded male F344 rats
Yea Eun Lee, Jin-Joo Hue, Ki-Nam Lee et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2008;48(3):337-345.
Rupture of a large colon associated with sand impaction in a Thoroughbred horse
Jae-Hyuk Yang, Young-Jin Yang, Ja-Ho Moon, Han-Nah Kim, Kyu-Kye Hwang, Yoon-Kyu Lim
Korean J Vet Res. 2005;45(4):601-606.
Morphological evaluation on the effect of panaxadiol series ginsenosides in irradiated mice
Hae-june Lee, Se-ra Kim, Sung-ho Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2004;44(2):179-184.
The radioprotective effects of green tea and its fractions in Gamma-irradiated mice
Se-ra Kim, Hae-june Lee, Sung-ho Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2003;43(4):633-639.
The Effect of Acupuncture on the Intestinal Smooth Muscle Dysfunction Caused by Enteric Bacterial Infection in Weaning Piglet
Tae-wan Kim, Jun-ho La, Tae-sik Sung et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2003;43(3):415-421.
Modification of Radiation Response in Mice by Dongchongxiacao(Paecilomyces japonica)
Se-ra Kim, Heon Oh, Hae-june Lee et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2003;43(2):181-188.
The effect of Phyllostachys nigra var. henenis Strapf leaf extract in the gamma-irradiated mice
Dong-Ho Shin, Jong-Choon Kim, Se-Ra Kim et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2003;43(1):49-55.
Transmission electron microscopical study of the developing colonic epithelia in fetuses and neonates in Korean native goat (Carpus hircus)
Chong-Sup Kim, Soon-Hee Jung, Chung-Kil Won et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2002;42(2):147-152.
Experimental therapy on induced methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection in canine model
Son-il Pak, Hong-ryul Han
Korean J Vet Res. 1999;39(2):383-389.
Localization of the central nuclei innervating the rat colon using pseudorabies virus
Seong-joon Yi, Bong-hee Lee, Jin-sang Kim, Tae-chun Kang, Heungshik S. Lee
Korean J Vet Res. 1997;37(3):479-487.
Development on the colon of fetuses and neonates in Korean native goats
Soon-hee Jung, Chong-sup Kim, Soo-dong Kwak
Korean J Vet Res. 1995;35(1):11-17.

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