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Pre- and postnatal development study of amitraz in rats
Sung-Hwan Kim, Jeong-Hyeon Lim, Na-Hyeong Park et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2010;50(2):93-103.
Time-course response of epichlorohydrin on epididymal histopathology in rats
Kang-Hyeon Kim, In-Sik Shin, Jeong-Hyeon Lim et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2009;49(4):279-284.
The effect of Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi-Tang on ultraviolet B-induced skin damages in mouse
Joong-Sun Kim, Hae-June Lee, Myoung-Sub Song et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2009;49(1):17-22.
Anti-inflammatory activities of a herbal preparation (HemoHIM) in colitis induced by trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid in rats
Hae-June Lee, Se-Ra Kim, Chang-Jong Moon et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2007;47(1):19-24.
Incidence of micronuclei in lymphocytes of pig in the high background radiation area (Cheongwon-gun and Boeun-gun)
Hae-June Lee, Chang-Mo Kang, Se-Ra Kim et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2005;45(4):469-475.
Antioxidant and antitumor activities of ethanol extracts from the fruiting body of Phellinus gilvus grown in oak and artificial sawdust
Mi-hyun Hwang, Young-hoan Kim, Kil-soo Kim et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2005;45(2):151-154.
Primary dermal irritation study of oregano oil in rabbits
Jin-Young Shin, Dong-Ho Shin, Sung-Ho Kim et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2005;45(1):39-43.
The effect of green tea on ultraviolet B-induced sunburn cell production in the skin of hairless mouse
Sung-ho Kim, Se-ra Kim, Hae-june Lee et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2005;45(1):1-6.
Evaluation of maternal toxicity in rats exposed to the insecticide amitraz during pregnancy
Jin-Young Shin, Ki-Suk Oh, Dong-Ho Shin et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2004;44(4):523-532.
Establishment of micronuclus assay as biological dosimetry in pig lymphocytes after gamma-irradiation
Se-ra Kim, Hae-june Lee, Jin-hee Lee et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2004;44(3):323-327.
Single dose toxicity study of CKD-602, a new camptothecin anticancer agent, in Beagle dogs
Jong-Choon Kim, Dong-Ho Shin, Seung-Chun Park et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2004;44(1):49-55.
Embryo lethality and teratogenicity of 2-Bromopropane in the Sprague-Dawley rat
Jong-Choon Kim, Ki-Seok Oh, Dong-Ho Shin et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2003;43(4):657-666.
Modification of Radiation Response in Mice by Dongchongxiacao(Paecilomyces japonica)
Se-ra Kim, Heon Oh, Hae-june Lee et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2003;43(2):181-188.
The effect of Phyllostachys nigra var. henenis Strapf leaf extract in the gamma-irradiated mice
Dong-Ho Shin, Jong-Choon Kim, Se-Ra Kim et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2003;43(1):49-55.
Evaluation of the testicular toxicity caused by 2-bromopropane in rats
Jong-choon Kim, Hyun-sook Lee, Hyo-in Yun, Moon-koo Chung
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(2):361-371.

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