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Volume 40(3); 2000
S-100 protein-immunoreactive cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the Catfish, Silurus asotus
Jae-hyun Lee, Ki-dae Park, Sae-kwang Ku, Hyeung-sik Lee
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):415-420.
Immunohistochemical study of CPP32 (Caspase-3) in the spinal cords of rats with experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Tae-kyun Shin, Chang-jong Moon, Mee-jung Ahn, Myung-bok Wie
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):431-437.
Scanning electronic microscopical studies on the development of the tongue in fetuses and neonates of Korean native goats
Chong-sup Kim, Gyu-hyen Cho, Joung-hwan Lee, Soo-dong Kwak, Chi-won Song, Chung-kil Won
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):439-450.
Study for comparison with male & female rat locus coeruleus using confocal laser scanning microscopy
Il-kwon Park, Chi-won Song, Kyung-youl Lee et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):451-461.
Tracing study for the rabbit eye ball control nerve utilizing the PRV-Ba isolated in the Korea
Il-kwon Park, Moo-kang Kim, Kwang-soon Shin et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):463-470.
Pharmacokinetic analysis for the development of new potent anti-HIV-1 agents, the KR-V series
Young-mi Lee, Jin-suk Kim, Sang-seop Han, Ho-chul Shin
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):471-478.
Regulation of histamine H2-receptor mediated Mg2+ release by phosphodiesterase inhibitors in the guinea pig hearts
Hyung-sub Kang, Jin-shang Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):479-487.
Changes of insulin like growth factor-I, IGF-I carrier protein in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat
Young-ran Heo, Song-jun Jin, Jin-shang Kim, Chang-won Kang
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):489-496.
Effects of hyperbaric oxygen and α-tocopherol on full-thickness skin grafts in rats
Jong-shu Kim, Chung-hul Kim, Gon-sup Kim, Dae-sik Hah, Sun-gun Park, Yang-mi Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):497-504.
Characteristics of Salmonella species isolated from domestic poultry and environmental samples in Korea
Yong-ku Woo, Hee-soo Lee, Young-ju Lee, Min-su Kang, Bong-hwan Kim, Jae-hak Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):505-514.
Phage types of Salmonella enteritidis isolated from animal and human in Korea
Yong-ku Woo, Mi-sun Park, Seung-ryong Woo, Bong-hwan Kim, Jae-hak Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):515-524.
Characteristics of verotoxin non-producing Escherichia coli O157 and verotoxin-producing E coli isolated from healthy cattle
Byeong-yeal Jung, Suk-chan Jung, Hong-je Park, Gil-jae Cho, Bong-hwan Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):525-531.
Studies on the safety of Brucella abortus RB51 vaccine II. Safety of Brucella abortus RB51 in mouse and guinea pig
Jong-man Kim, Sung-ryong Woo, Ji-youn Lee et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):543-549.
Evaluation of the recent live vaccination effects against Newcastle disease under field conditions
Chang-seon Song, Youn-jeong Lee, Myung-guk Han et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):563-573.
Pathogenecity on experimentally infected dogs with Babesia gibsoni
Myung-deuk Suh, Mi-ra Chung
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):587-599.
Development of an ELISA kit for the detection of residual sulfadimethoxine in edible animal products
Woo-taek Kim, Seong-hee Kim, Byoung-su Yoon, Yoon-kyu Lim
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):601-609.
Survey on environmental condition and health state of laboratory mouse in conventional facility
Heungshik S. Lee, Rho Hyun Seung, Kyungjin Kim, Chul-kyu Kim
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):611-625.
Fungal frontal sinusitis in a dog
Kwang-ho Jang, Yong-sam Kwon, Won-mo Kang et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):627-633.
Effect of carboxymethyl chitosan on postoperative intraperitoneal adhesion formation in the rat
Kwang-ho Jang, Yong-sam Kwon, Jung-eun Kim et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):635-643.
Epidemiological studies on Mycoplasma mastitis of dairy cows in South Korea
Hong-ryul Han, Cheol-yong Hwang, Dae-ho Sohn et al.
Korean J Vet Res. 2000;40(3):645-652.

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